Chilling Photos From Inside St. Louis’ Abandoned Schools


When the St. Louis school district decided to sell a host of abandoned school buildings a few years ago, it had no idea that it would inspire an entire group of photographers. Curious people with cameras filled the open houses held by the district -- to the point that their work has now become an art show.

“Empty Halls, Silent Classrooms” gathers the work of numerous St. Louis-area photographers who met at the open houses or later found each other through networking. Organized by Jane Linders, herself a photographer, the free gallery show will open at the ReFind Room (2525 South Brentwood Boulevard, Brentwood) on August 11.

To get a sneak peek at some of the breathtaking images, check out our gallery. To read more about Linders' curation and the district's efforts, see Sabrina Medler's story.

July 25, 2017

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