When Goths Visited the Saint Louis Zoo, Things Got Dark Even on a Sunny Day


A few dozen goths went to the Saint Louis Zoo Sunday to look at animals and meet others with similar interests. Organized by Megan Ryan, the event "Goths at the Zoo" had adorable goths with parasols blocking the sunny 80-degree heat and stopping to chat and cool off from time to time.

"It's a family-friendly place," Chandler Crenladh said. "People have been pretty receptive to it and we're hoping to have some bigger events where we can rent out spaces and have our DJ friends play."

"Bats are the most goth animals," observed Mandii Morbid. "But pandas have the best eyeliner."

Many of the same goths plan to walk through Bellefontaine Cemetery's historic crypts and botanical gardens on October 14.

-- Text and photos by Tom Hellauer

September 30, 2018

Photos by Tom Hellauer