This South County Playboy Mansion Has a Swanky Indoor Pool


If you are a gentleman looking to settle down, this is not the house for you. But if you are a gentleman looking to host rap video-worthy pool parties, please allow us to present this house in SoCo on Butler Hill Road. It not only has the mother of all indoor pools (accessible via glamorous spiral staircase), but if you’re looking for a more intimate splashing situation, there is also a big tub with jets off of the master bedroom.

With an open floor plan, vaulted ceiling, four bedrooms and three full baths, you’ll be all set to film your episode of MTV Cribs. Set on nearly two acres of land, this house is a party island dropped in the middle of a private, peaceful area. (But, no lie, that fenced in patio over the garage looks like it could be a hot party zone, too.)

The asking price on this paradise recently dropped $20K, so don’t delay in finding out more details about this $360,000 house.

Update: Since publishing this post, we've heard from its listing agents, who emphatically disagree with our characterization of it as a "Playboy mansion" as well as our attempts at humor in this description. They stress their commitment to the federal Fair Housing Act in working with anyone who is interested in its purchase -- not just the playboys that our writer joked about. We regret any confusion caused by our description.

Photos by Aaron Kranz

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