This ‘Skinny House’ in Illinois Is Going Viral on Social Media [PHOTOS]


Known to locals as the “skinny house” or the “pie house,” this Illinois two-bedroom has people across the world baffled as to how anybody could actually live inside.

But with this house, looks are deceiving. From one side, the iconic house looks like it’s almost just a facade of a house, but it has 1,122 square feet of living space tucked away inside — including 2.5 bathrooms.

So while it’s not quite as oddly skinny as some pictures would have you believe, the inside of the house is still fairly slim and would take careful planning regarding furniture placement.

The main level has an open floor plan (including hardwood floors) that really makes the most of the odd space and the house also includes all the regular features like air conditioning, a dishwasher and a washer / dryer.

This house has sold but you can still visit the listing page.

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