This Gorgeous Old Mansion in St. Joseph Looks Haunted AF


This six-bedroom, three-veranda mansion in St. Joseph is stuffed full of gorgeous woodwork, intricate detailing … and just about the creepiest basement that we’ve ever seen.

Built in 1890, this Romanesque all-brick mansion is called the McNeely House. Built by J.D. McNeely (who made tons of money in wholesale liquor trade and railroads), the house reflected the status of the family, with no expense spared. Everything in this place is beautiful, from the doors to the floors. Even the door hinges are exquisite.

Though this $160,000 historic property could use a lot of love and rehab (especially in the kitchen and basement), the bones of the house couldn’t be more beautiful. There are wood carvings and details around every corner.

The house has been designated a “Local Landmark” which means that all of these lovely details and features are protected from demolition and will remain intact for future generations to enjoy. That basement, however, is terrifying.

To find out more about the McNeely house, visit the listing page or call realtor Lisa Rock at Remax at 816-262-8462.

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