This Geodesic Dome Home in Fenton Comes With a Private Lake [PHOTOS]


This geodesic dome home in Fenton will make you feel like you’re living in a modern birds' nest in the treetops.

The unique space includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one cool lookout area that is all the way up on the third floor. In addition to making the most of its open 1,300 square feet, the house also includes spacious closets, a deck looking out over the woods and a 9,000 square foot lot.

Located in the storied Fond du Lac neighborhood in Fenton, the house comes with access to a private community lake that is used for boating and fishing.

And though this dome offers all of the privacy and natural beauty found at a country home or vacation spot, it's also suitable for city slickers because it is conveniently close to the Gravois Bluffs shopping area.

For more information on this $180,000 property, visit the listing page or contact Nancy Riehl with Red Key Realty West at 636-237-6000.

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