This Wild All-Blue St. Louis Home Also Has an Indoor/Outdoor Pool [PHOTOS]


Who knew that wonders like this existed in Overland?

Set on Lake Sherwood, this four bedroom, two bathroom home looks fairly normal from the outside, but on the inside it’s an all-blue paradise.

The most exciting feature of the 1969 house is the indoor/outdoor pool, in which you can swim from your living room to your backyard in just a few strokes. Next to the pool there’s a retro circular fireplace that’s shown with two half-circle blue sofas. If you own this house and you’re not having a swingers’ party in it, you’re messing up your whole life.

There’s one design throughout the house and that design is this: blue. The walls are blue, the carpeting is blue, the furniture is blue, the mural is blue and even the bathroom wallpaper is sky blue with some cute little clouds.

Outside there’s a generous deck and a little dock with a ladder attached for swimming in Lake Sherwood. (Pro tip: If you’re swimming at night, they can’t see you naked.)

For more information on this $350,000 property, visit the listing page or contact Tari Brown of RE/MAX Results at 314-352-7770.

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