This Vacant Funeral Home Would Be the Perfect Place to Start Your Cult [PHOTOS]


If you’ve decided that it’s finally time to start that cult that you’ve been planning, we’ve found your perfect headquarters.

Check out this amazing abandoned funeral home on Chippewa Street. Built in the 1930s, the place is full of retro style including brass chandeliers and more than 250 stained glass windows. The brick floors make the entry area feel rich with style and the ornate main hall flows through to the back of the building.

Upstairs is a two bedroom apartment and the basement is as unfinished and scary as you could hope for, but the chapel area is by far the creepiest part of the old building. In addition to an altar area, there is also a dusty old pipe organ. It’s the perfect room for all of your ceremonies.

And though this building looks perfectly gorgeous in that crumbling way, it has actually had tons of updates recently including a new TPO flat roof and upgraded electrical. The building even comes with a 100+ car parking lot so your new recruits will have a place to park.

To get more details about this $250,000 property, visit the listing page or contact Tara Hacker at Garcia Properties at 314-353-0336.

Photos by Reed Radcliffe