The World Naked Bike Ride Was Hotter Than Ever in 2019 [NSFW PHOTOS]


The World Naked Bike Ride returned to the Grove on Saturday and, man, it was a hot one. The annual event has been going down for twelve years, but this year the 12.8 mile ride through the city of St. Louis happened to coincide with a brutal heat wave.

The extreme heat didn't bother most of the riders, though, who just seemed to take it as a sign to take off more clothes than ever this year. With proper hydration (and some extra sunscreen on sensitive bits) they took to the streets to bare it all in the name of the First Amendment.

That's right, in addition to being an exhibitionist's and voyeur's paradise, the World Naked Bike Ride is technically a political protest.

Check out our pics from the ride and the accompanying costume contest, but be warned: They are very NSFW.


Photos by Theo Welling