The Wildest House in St. Louis Is Back on the Market [NEW PHOTOS]


If you know of a wilder house in St. Louis, we’d love to see it. This house on 18th Street in Lafayette Square continues to blow our minds with each new photograph.

The maximalist, disorienting home caused quite a stir when it hit the market in April of this year. (It was even featured on Zillow Gone Wild.) Everyone flipped out over the dynamic interior decorating style hidden behind this stately and subdued Lafayette Square exterior.

Now the jaw dropping 2,500 square foot home is back on the market and we’re having our minds blown over details in the new listing that we never saw in the first one.

For example: The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, but it’s difficult to figure out which room serves which purpose. That room with the bed on the floor and the mirrored wall and the pole at the end of the bed? Is that an actual bedroom or a room just for doin’ it? (We're cool with it either way.)

This truly original house continues to provide more questions than answers, but in the best way.

For more information on this $325,000 property, visit the listing page or contact Fritz McAvoy of McAvoy Realty at 314-531-1900.

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