The Waiting Room’s Promo Art Is Totally Insane, and Also Amazing


For years, Scott Fogelbach, co-owner and bartender at the Waiting Room (10419 St. Charles Rock Road, St. Ann; 314-890-8333) has been creating some of the most insane art known to man to promote his bar. Betty White, Gary Busey and more make semi-regular appearances amid monstrous visages and varied Google-sourced hill people, with Fogelbach himself typically Photoshopped somewhere in the mix (often pregnant, sometimes giving birth to wolves). Truly, it is some of the strangest promotional art in the city, befitting these strange times in which we live.

In celebration of the Waiting Room's recent grand reopening with Fogelbach's new business partners, Steve and Shelly Dachroeden (who also own the Silver Ballroom), we thought it only right to show some appreciation for these demented works of art. Click through to enter the mind of a madman, and then be sure to head to the bar and buy the artist a shot.

- Daniel Hill