This House in Holly Hills Looks Like a Castle Inside [PHOTOS]


Now that St. Louisans have been hiding out from each other for most of the year, we've realized that some of us have better spaces in which to keep away from the public.

Some of us are just in crappy apartments (or our mom's basement, if you read the comments) but others are living large with game rooms and in-house theatres.

But this soaking tub inside this gigantic house in Holly Hills looks like a great place to stay away from everyone. It looks like pure luxury.

The house is right across the street from Carondelet Park and not only does it have four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, it's also styled to look like a castle, with a winding staircase and beautiful arched doorways.

And with 3,578 square feet, there is plenty of space to get away from everyone. (Including your own family.) Hallelujah.

For more information, visit the listing page or contact Dan Brassil with Circa Properties at 314-352-5200.