The Loop Ice Carnival Brought Frozen Fun to Delmar


It was frigid this weekend, but the Loop Ice Carnival is a party that loves the cold. This party has become an tradition for families with kids who have cabin fever and are itching to get out and explore. It happens in the dead of winter because that's the best time to show off the amazing ice sculptures that accompany the event. You can even watch the ice artists as they work.

There were other things to see and do here, too, like play carnival games, listen to music, watch the skateboarders show off on top of the Moonrise, collect chocolate coins, sip on some tomato bisque soup, ride bikes, jump on trampolines, try bowling with a frozen turkey, play putt-put on ice and even slip down a slide made of ice. Freezing fun was had by all ... humans and penguins.


Photos by Ryan Gines

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