The Inside of This St. Louis Rental Home Is Bachelor Hell [PHOTOS]


Who can take a perfectly good home and ruin it entirely? A bachelor or two, that’s who.

This two-bedroom house in south city would be perfectly acceptable (or even adorable) if styled the right way, but a look inside this rental property has us looking back with horror at our college years.

Things don’t look too bad from just inside the front door. Sure, that couch is a little big for the room, but a big TV requires a big couch, right? But it’s when you start to look at the details of this house that you realize that it is full-on bachelor hell.

The problems here are not just obvious design flaws like clothes and towels flung everywhere, or even the fact that a bookcase with no books on it partially covers a window. This place is like the Where’s Waldo of bachelor clichés: The more you dig into the details, the more you want to run out screaming.

This house features nudie posters in both bedrooms, sheets tacked up for curtains, skull decorations and a pull-up bar over a door frame. Then in the kitchen there are entire drawers missing, dirty dishes in the sink, a half-hung flag with a wolf on it, an empty bottle of Jim Beam on the desk and a gas can underneath the desk.

And is that magnet on the refrigerator — Lord help us — Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad? Wow. That deserves some extra credit points right there.

The bathroom is photographed with the stained shower curtain pulled shut, so let's send our thanks out to the wise photographer on that one.

But somehow the most bachelor thing about this whole place is the situation in the backyard. It’s empty except for one thing: A well-loved grill placed exactly at the bottom of the back stairs.

This place does, however, contain two beds and somehow they both have frames. Miracles happen every day, y’all.

For more information on the $1,000/month property, visit the listing page or contact TenantTurner at 314-207-2904 for a chance to give it the design makeover it so desperately needs.

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