The Ever Given Hangs Out Around St. Louis [PHOTOS]


The whole world has been fixating on watching the Ever Given when it was stuck in the Suez Canal. Just freed today, the saga was watched by people across the world.

That big ol' stuck boat was costing shipping companies millions of dollars a day as it just sat there, taking its time on the banks of the canal. As it sat, unmovable, for almost a week, critics of globalization said the boat was a warning and it was hailed as a hero by anti-capitalist punks everywhere.

She was unsinkable and unmovable. The Ever Given is one tough lady. But how would she fare in St. Louis' waterways — or just on an inland sightseeing voyage around town? Now, that she's on the go again, maybe she'd like some Ted Drewes or to visit the Arch?

Here’s how she would look blocking paths around St. Louis, courtesy of

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