The Best Places in St. Louis to Get Pizza, According to Yelp [PHOTOS]


Pizza night at your house is probably always a debate. Where do you order from when St. Louis has so many great options? We have thin crust, thick crust, New York style, Chicago style — the list goes on and on. Then, you have to make your case for cheese and toppings.

We're hoping to make your situation a little easier by rounding up Yelp's top picks for 'za in the St. Louis area. Our food editor Cheryl Baehr has also reviewed a number of these places if you want more in-depth details on the spots. Of course, there's no way to fit in all of the great St. Louis places, so let us know what Yelp got wrong and what it got right.

Here are twenty places Yelp has listed as the highest rated spots to grab a slice of pizza in St. Louis.