Taco Circus Hosts Halloween Party, Featuring Pumpkin Carvings and Costumes [PHOTOS]


Taco Circus (4940 Southwest Avenue) kept it weird at their Costume Kick-Off party this weekend. The free event was on October 24. From freaky, slasher-style costumes to classic pumpkin carving, there was a little bit of everything at Taco Circus.

Fake blood and pumpkin guts were just the beginning of the party. DJ Makossa was spinning beats, accompanied by plenty of food and drink specials. The event was cut short due to weather concerns, but served as a launching pad for Halloween week.

Be sure to check out the other events plotted for this week as a way to end your spooky season with a bang.

Here's what we saw while at the party.


Photos by Erin McAfee