St. Louisans Caught ‘Em All at Pokémon Go Event in Tower Grove Park [PHOTOS]


Hundreds of Pokémon GO trainers from across the world gathered for a cold and cloudy weekend in Tower Grove Park for the Pokémon GO Safari Tower Grove Park event (4257 Northeast Drive). The event was hosted by the official Pokémon GO app. Celebrity YouTuber Billy Lutz, who runs "The Trainer Club," joined the fun with his fans along with JT Valor, another famous player and the 100 Million Club crew.

The event was created to get game players together. Featured Pokémon were able to be caught at the event along with other in-game incentives to show up and catch 'em all.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some players had to wait two years for the event. One Pokémon GO player named Sarah (Username: Dittofarmer STL) wore a sign on her back memorializing her husband, an avid Pokémon GO player (Username: Mr. Snorlax STL) who wanted her to still attend the event without him.

Here's what we saw when we went to the event.


Photos by Reuben Hemmer