The St. Louis Protesters Greeting Mike Pence Brought Their A-Game


A rainy Thursday at 8 a.m. is hardly an ideal time to stand outside and protest, but St. Louis residents were determined to give Mike Pence a piece of their minds today. Pence came to town to make an appearance at the Marriott St. Louis Grand (800 Washington Ave., 314-623-9600) at an event sponsored by America First Policies, an organization formed to "promote the policy agenda of the Donald Trump presidential campaign." It's a particularly galling association for Missouri because America First Policies is accused of having a part in funneling millions of dollars of dark money into the campaign of the state's disgraced former governor, Eric Greitens.

But Pence didn't just get raked for his complicity with these shady dealings; protesters also showed up to hold him accountable for the Trump administration's dealings with Russia, its flirtation with fascism, its war on healthcare, its avoidance of gun control, and its policies that had ICE separating immigrant children from their families. (NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, one of the organizers, saw to it that the administration's threat to Roe v. Wade was a major focus as well.) People protested this morning for different reasons, but they were unified under the same umbrella (sometimes literally) of #RESIST.

July 19, 2018

Photos by Lexie Miller

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