Japanese – Kobe

You, noble shogun, have just scaled the top of Mt. Fuji and are now face to face with the adversary. Knife drawn, he attempts to distract you with his flame-throwing prowess. The sound of taiko drums is deafening, yet you rise to the challenge — and catch the shrimp appetizer in your mouth. OK, so the top of Westport Plaza’s gold office building isn’t exactly Mt. Fuji. And those drums? They’re actually the small handheld kind that beat every time someone celebrates a birthday at Kobe Steakhouse (which is pretty much constantly). But you’ll be forgiven for getting carried away at this wildly popular hibachi house. How can you not be transported when you are presented with the “Shogun Special,” a glorious feast of filet mignon, lobster, scallops, shrimp, noodles, rice and vegetables, all cooked before your very eyes and served steaming fresh from the grill? It’s a feast fit for a warrior — or a warrior at heart. Photo by Kholood Eid.