Vegetarian – Frida’s

Is Frida’s “Mushroom Reuben” a jab at its predecessor? One might assume as much. But while this plant-based eatery sits on the site of an old Jewish butcher shop, when you taste this satisfying sandwich, it seems less a way to exorcise the past and more a way to honor it. Buttery crimini mushrooms, melted Swiss, tangy thousand island dressing and funky sauerkraut are piled atop pumpernickel-swirl bread for a dish that is so hearty, you won’t miss the corned beef. It’s just one of the many excellent options at this four-year-old restaurant that caters not only to vegetarians, but also to those with dietary sensitivities or restrictions. The restaurant’s signature dish is the “Frida Burger,” a monstrous patty of Match meat alternative, beans and spices, smothered in tahini-chipotle slaw. It may not be certified Angus, but it’s no less hearty than what you’d find at that butcher shop. Photo by Mabel Suen.