Margaritas – Amigo’s

Rose’s lime juice, cheap tequila and a shriveled lime garnish that looks like it was cut back in 2013. Sure, it gets the job done, but such a concoction doesn’t deserve the moniker “margarita.” After all, how could such a bastardization share its name with the quintessential Mexican cocktail served at Amigo’s Cantina? At this downtown Kirkwood spot, the lime juice is freshly squeezed and the smooth-as-silk Hornitos Plata tequila gets a generous pour. A dash of Cointreau gives the drink a rich orange undercurrent, while a squirt of agave nectar rounds out the lime’s tartness with subtle sweetness. Refreshing, tart and freshly shaken — the pre-packaged stuff may give you the same kick, but the real deals served at Amigo’s Cantina make the ride there so much smoother. Photo by Jennifer Silverberg.