Cupcakes – Jilly’s
Jilly’s is now an ice cream parlor, a lunch spot and a place to grab brunch. It has great egg salad, hearty brisket chili and even Philly cheesesteaks. But no matter how delicious these offerings, Jilly’s will always be a cupcake place at heart. Since coming on the scene in 2007, this cupcakery has achieved icon status in the St. Louis dessert scene, earning bragging rights not once, but twice, on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. One taste of its monstrously large treats and it’s clear why. Mountains of luscious buttercream, moist cakes and whimsical toppings result in dreamy concoctions that dazzle the eyes as much as the mouth. Purists can delight in the simple pleasures of chocolate or vanilla icing, while those who are a little more daring can indulge in a rotating selection of everything from caramelized pineapple to Oreo mousse. So go ahead and grab a sandwich and some soup. Just make sure you save room for dessert. RFT photo.