Steak – Tucker’s

Ah, the life of a one-percenter: jet-setting vacations to exotic locales, Siberian tigers for pets and thick, juicy steaks for dinner. If you’re reading this newspaper, the chances that this describes your life are slim to none — except for that last part. You don’t need the salary of a Wall Street banker to enjoy the steaks at Tucker’s Place. A full dinner of a New York strip, salad and baked potato (served in the foil, of course) will only set you back about $22. But don’t let the price tag fool you — these massive steaks, kissed with char and perfectly cooked, rival anything you’d find at a chain chophouse for triple the price. Granted, the scene is different. The historic Soulard location looks like an old boarding house rather than a posh salon and calls for Budweiser, not fancy Cabernet. Still, you’ll leave with your belly full of a million dollar meal without needing an expense account to pay for it. Photo courtesy of Instagram / takeashotforb.