Bloody Marys – The Famous Bar

When you think about it, the Bloody Mary is actually a health food, at least when it’s done right. Fresh tomato juice has all of that lycopene, which can help stave off cancer. That large stalk of celery is more than a garnish — it’s a serving of vegetables. And vodka? Well, it’s a blood thinner, right? Considering the Bloody Mary’s impressive nutritional value (well, at least compared to a rum and Coke), there should be no shame in ordering this meal of a drink at Famous Bar. Here, they do it right, making their marys from scratch with fresh juice, a shake of Worcestershire, some fresh ground pepper, a dash of Tabasco, beef bouillon and lime (vitamin C, right?). If you need some extra protein, order the Quail Mary and nosh on a pickled quail egg and beef jerky garnish too. Healthy for the body? Maybe. Good for the soul? For sure. RFT photo.