Martinis – The Famous Bar

Listen to the way people talk about the craft cocktail craze and you’d be convinced the pre-2012/post Prohibition adult beverage scene consisted of nothing but crappy beer and moonshine. Tell that to the folks at the Famous Bar. For fifteen years (85 if you count the bar’s earlier incarnations), the bartenders at this handsome south-city watering hole have been shaking and stirring traditional martinis for thirsty patrons who wouldn’t dream of calling them mixologists. There’s no judgment if your drinking repertoire is cribbed from Sex and the City; they’ll gladly mix up any number of sweet concoctions and shake them all the way back to 1998. However, if you’d rather imbibe a true classic, you’ll have no better representation of the quintessential cocktail than Famous Bar’s gin martini. Dry, simply garnished and chilled so that slivers of ice float in the glass, this Bombay Sapphire-based libation is proof that the trendy cocktail bars don’t have a monopoly on history. RFT photo.