Ice Cream/Custard/Frozen Yogurt – Ted Drewes

If you’ve ever lived outside this wonderful city, two things induce immediate sadness: One, that you’re capped at roughly two Cardinals games a year and two, that there is no Ted Drewes. “Certainly there must be an equally delicious custard place around here somewhere,” you think as you scour the town. Don’t waste your time. There isn’t. Ted Drewes’ ultra-rich whimsical concoctions are unlike anything you’ll find outside of St. Louis. Sure, there are decent imitators, but there’s simply no substitute for throwing back a “Cardinal Sin” while standing on the blacktop parking lot listening to the game on your car radio. St. Louisans know this, which is why they line up in all types of weather every day the place is open to chow down on a signature concrete. They know better than to take this local institution for granted. Of all the things to love about St. Louis, this may be the sweetest. Photo by Ian Froeb.