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Appetizer Selection – JJ Twig’s

Considering that JJ Twig’s is home to the monstrously large double-decker pizza, it’s a wonder the restaurateurs even bothered with an appetizer list. After all, the Chicago-inspired pies here are so filling, you can barely manage a third slice, much less a platter of chicken taquitos. Then again, if anything can entice you to box up those leftovers, it’s the selection of tempting first courses. Chicken wings piled with bacon and cheddar cheese, deep-fried bites of sausage and cheese, cheese curds and stuffed pretzels — one look at the appetizer menu, and you just might forget this is a pizza place. Order the buffalo chicken dip, a bubbling dish of gooey, spiced cheese, and try to restrain yourself from licking the bowl clean. The pizza may be mighty good, but it will warm up just as nicely tomorrow. Photo courtesy of Yelp / Dan G.