Sandwiches – Nora’s

Rob Quaison’s mom Nora can hold her head high. Not only is her son a successful business owner, but the business he owns is a mighty fine sandwich shop that bears her name. Located in the heart of Dogtown, Nora’s is the quintessential neighborhood sandwich shop, with a cozy vibe, chalkboard menu and artisan sandwiches. For such a tiny spot, the selection of hot and cold offerings is shockingly large and goes well beyond a standard ham and cheese — though if you want one of those, they will gladly accommodate. Just don’t expect bland deli meat; at Nora’s, they smoke all their meats in-house and dress them with gourmet accouterments. So instead of ham on that sandwich, why not push yourself and order a “Pete’s Sake,” piled high with smoked pork loin, caramelized onions, brie, bacon and apples? With such decadent treats, mama Nora must be proud.
Photo by Lauren Milford.