Pizza (Thick) – JJ Twig’s

Teresa and Michael Gauvain are geniuses. Not only have they perfected their family’s old recipes for pizza dough, sauce and sausage— they’ve perfected the art of pizza-making itself. Refusing to be confined to a single layer of pie, the owners of JJ Twig’s dazzle their guests with a signature double-decker pizza. It’s exactly as it sounds: take a layer of dough, add a splash of sauce, cover it with cheese and toppings and then repeat. The result is a thick, lasagna-like pie that can satisfy even the heartiest appetites after a few slices. It’s a novelty for sure, but the pizza here is more than mere spectacle. The golden crust, creamy whole-milk mozzarella, zesty tomato sauce and sausage, made especially for the restaurateurs and trucked in from Chicago, would impress even on a traditional pie. But where’s the fun in that? After all, two layers are better than one. Photo courtesy of Yelp / Kristen S.