Greek/Mediterranean – Olympia Kebob

In ancient Greece, Olympia was the site of the games where athletes demonstrated feats of strength to honor the gods. In modern-day St. Louis, it’s a Greek taverna where cooks show off culinary skills that are so impressive they’re worthy of a medal. For more than three decades, patrons have packed this casual spot for a taste of the town’s finest Greek cuisine, like the flambéed saganaki, lit afire tableside with a flourish of “Opa!” The moussaka, pastitsio and spanakopita are Platonic ideals of their form, but no visit to Olympia is complete without what is undeniably the city’s best gyro. Unlike the thin strips of meat that typically come with this classic sandwich, Olympia’s beef and lamb mixture is thick, juicy and packed with garlicky flavor. The tzatziki is the thickest around, and the entire concoction is wrapped up into a warm pita. Forget honoring the gods through sport — just hand them one of these overstuffed wraps as an offering. Photo by Caroline Yoo.