New Restaurant – Retreat Gastropub

Retreat Gastropub ticks just about every box on the “trendy restaurant” checklist. Craft cocktails? Housemade shrubs make them even better. Edison lightbulbs? They hang above a reclaimed wood bar. A burger with an egg on it? Pair it with a kale Caesar salad. It would be comically au current if this Cortex district restaurant failed to deliver, but instead it succeeds at every turn. And instead of chasing trends, Retreat reminds you of why such a style of restaurant came into fashion in the first place. From its top-tier bar program to its impeccably executed seasonal menu of both small and large plates, this shining gem doesn’t merely tick all the boxes, it fills them in and wraps them in a bow of welcoming hospitality. No matter what the day’s trends may be, Retreat will not soon to go out of fashion. Photo by Mabel Suen.