Wings – Culpepper’s

In 1935, Culpepper’s opened its doors as a neighborhood grill and bar in the heart of the Central West End. That same year, the Anchor Bar served its first patrons in Buffalo New York. The latter would go on to invent the world-famous Buffalo-style chicken wing (at least, according to legend). The former would become synonymous with chicken wings in St. Louis. Whether this was coincidence or destiny, there is no question that Culpepper’s is St. Louis’ gold standard for the ubiquitous bar food. Plump, juicy and fried so the skin gets that just-right crispness, these jumbo-sized beauties are tossed in piquant hot sauce just out of the fryer. The fiery concoction coats every inch of the wing and drummy and is spicy enough to make your nose run without sacrificing heat for taste. Anchor Bar may get all the credit for the invention, but Culpepper’s wings have earned equal bragging rights for their impressive execution. Photo courtesy of Instagram / j_wyld via