Delicatessen – Pickles Deli

The unassuming deli is about as quintessentially New York as pizza and overpriced real estate. It’s no surprise, then, that in St. Louis’ top deli can be found in the city’s most Manhattan-like neighborhood. Located in the heart of the Central West End, Pickles Deli offers the East Coast experience in the form of monstrously large sandwiches built to order from freshly sliced meat, cheeses and a garden of accouterments. Here, you can get anything from medium-rare roast beef to Mediterranean wraps, but your best bet is to stick with the classics. Pickles’ pastrami is unparalleled in its authenticity — marbled meat encrusted with coarse black pepper is piled so high on marble rye it’s a feat of architecture to rival the Empire State Building. What a great slice of the Big Apple, right in the middle of the Midwest. RFT photo.