Middle Eastern – The Vine

If you go to the Vine’s website, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you mistakenly stumbled upon a health food purveyor. A colorful graphic of the food pyramid sits prominently in the middle of the page; alongside it are three paragraphs linking to Mayo Clinic research on the Mediterranean diet four separate times. We get it; the food’s good for you. But that’s not why we keep coming back to this Lebanese restaurant, market and bakery. We go to the Vine for the rich, garlicky hummus topped with beef schwarma or the shish kafta, drenched in tahini and wrapped in fresh pita. We also show our faces more than we care to admit in the traditional Lebanese bakery. How gorging on baklava exactly fits into this healthy eating plan still needs to be worked out, but in light of how good it tastes, we’re not all that concerned. Photo by Jennifer Silverberg.