Overall Restaurant – Anthonino’s

Tucked into the charmingly old-school Hill neighborhood, Anthonino’s is about as far away from restaurant trends as you could possibly get — which is precisely why people have been flocking to this Italian-Greek hybrid for the last thirteen years. There may be spots in town with fancier cocktails and more exotic ingredients, but Anthonino’s staying power is a result of its insistence on the classics: good food, warm service and an inviting atmosphere. This beloved restaurant is the quintessential neighborhood eatery, equally welcoming to families, first dates and those looking for a quick business lunch. The food is uncomplicated Mediterranean comfort fare — solid pizzas, classic pastas (with freshly made noodles of course) and housemade toasted ravioli that is so good it nearly brought tears to Food Network star Guy Fieri’s eyes. Wear jeans or dress up — just don’t wear a Cubs jersey. Unfussy and understated, this timeless restaurant is as emblematic of St. Louis as it gets. Photo by Eric Frazier.