Food Truck – Guerrilla Street Food

There are some things that define genres: John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme for jazz, Monet’s Water Lilies for impressionist painting and Guerrilla Street Food for St. Louis food trucks. Credit goes to Guerrilla Street Food not for simply being first — although owners Brian Hardesty and Joel Crespo were undeniably the pioneers in the town’s roving food movement — but also for how it pushed the boundaries for the level of food that can be served out of a humble truck. The longtime friends, who bonded over a mutual obsession with food, talked about the concept for years before taking the leap and buying an old laundry truck off Craigslist. Hardesty, a veteran of some of the city’s top kitchens, used Crespo’s Filipino heritage as a jumping-off point for a unique menu of both traditional and Filipino-inspired dishes that would be equally at home on a white tablecloth. If you have any doubts, order the truck’s signature dish, the “Flying Pig,” and lose yourself in slow-roasted pork, spiked with chilis, kalamansi (a citrus-kumquat hybrid), and sriracha, topped with a one-hour sous vide egg. Guerrilla may no longer be the only truck in town, but the food it serves remains the gold standard. Photo by Jennifer Silverberg.