Rally to Save St. Louis’ Confederate Monument Draws Clashing Protesters


Things grew heated at St. Louis' Confederate monument yesterday, as a rally to support its continued presence drew supporters, protesters and an extremely large police presence (at least twenty officers were on site at one point). Flags were trampled and slogans were shouted. At least one supporter and one opponent of the monument were taken into police custody, although for the most part the action did not rise beyond angry shouting.

Organizer Peggy Hubbard, a black conservative, had raised more than $6,000 to hold a rally at the 100-year-old memorial, which is located in Forest Park. Mayor Lyda Krewson has said she supports using city tax dollars to remove the monument; its supporters, including Hubbard, hope to pressure her against that action.

As the rally ended, Hubbard told the crowd, "This is not over. We are just getting started. We’re going to take back our America. ... We’re going to hold our heads up. And we’re going to ... find the nearest bar and get some tequila."

RFT photographer Theo Welling was on site. Click through to see his photos of the action.

June 3, 2017