Protesters Return to Ferguson for Fourth Anniversary of Michael Brown’s Death


August 9 marks the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown. On that date in 2014, the unarmed eighteen-year-old was shot dead in a confrontation with Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. For the fourth anniversary, Brown's family, friends and supporters gathered on Canfield Drive, the scene of the shooting. Protesters and family, including Brown's father, Michael Brown Sr., spoke, emphasizing the impact of the slain teen's life and the movement that grew after his death -- a movement that, earlier this week, toppled the prosecutor who handled the investigation into Wilson's actions (and ultimately led a St. Louis County grand jury to a no bill).
After the remarks, the crowd then marched along West Florissant to the Ferguson Market, where Brown interacted with clerks just before meeting Wilson. There, they shut down the store, which has again recently become the target of criticism following the release of the documentary Stranger Fruit.

August 9, 2018

Photos by Danny Wicentowski