Protesters in St. Louis Demand Mayor Resign, Have Guns Pointed at Them [PHOTOS]


Nonviolent protest had guns pulled on them Sunday when they marched to St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson's house to demand her resignation. (They also painted a big "RESIGN" on the street outside her house.)

During a livestream on Friday, Krewson broadcasted the names and addresses of at least ten activists who had written to her about police reform. The backlash has been national, and many in St. Louis are asking that she either resign or retire.

Outside of Mayor Krewson's house in the Central West End on Sunday night, protesters not only had guns pointed at them by a husband-and-wife team of personal injury attorneys, they also had lit fireworks thrown at them by other neighbors as they were leaving.

Photographer Theo Welling following protests through the evening, from the CWE's popular restaurant district to the residential neighborhoods.



Photos by Theo Welling