21 Places in Missouri That Every Chocolate Lover Should Visit


Anyone with a sweet tooth will love Deborah M. Reinhardt’s new book, Delectable Destinations: A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Missouri. The author traveled all around the Show-Me State to find Missouri’s best chocolate destinations -- and we’ve compiled 21 of them right here. Click through to find your guide to the best chocolate-themed road trip in Missouri. We’ve even put them in order for St. Louisans looking to turn this list into one giant chocolate-covered state-wide trip.

And don’t forget to grab a copy of Delectable Destinations to get more of the story behind the state’s best sweet shops and chocolatiers. Your inner chocoholic will thank you.

Photos and information via Acclaim Press and Delectable Destinations: A Chocolate Lover's Guide to Missouri by Deborah M. Reinhardt.