Live Like Royalty at this Castle in… Jeff Co?


Jefferson County might be known to city slickers as the area south of the city that hosts a stupid amount of meth labs, the place that invites Ted Nugent to its county fair or the location that could give the controversial spokesman of the St. Louis Police Officers Association a second chance at public life. In any case, the area isn’t known for elegance or high-class anything, which makes this castle in Imperial even more noteworthy. Located on the hills above the Mississippi River, this $2.29 million beauty was built by a Magic Chef heir and it gives off witch-vibes from the top of its pentagram-adorned spiral staircase to the bottom of its 1,000-bottle wine cellar. From towering turrets to cement-bricked dungeon restrooms, this place was built for an aspiring vampire… or just someone who wants to be able to easily visit the quaint neighboring city of Kimmswick. Whatever.

All photographs of "The Castle of Montebello" on Montebello Road in Imperial, Missouri, courtesy of Dielmann Sotheby's International Realty agent Ted Wight

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