Iron Fork 2019 Was the Most Exciting Food Event of the Year


Last night, throngs of St. Louis food lovers filled the City Museum for this year's Iron Fork: Unplugged, a party featuring food from top restaurants including Stellar Hog, Mission Taco Joint, Anthonino's, Pappy's Smokehouse and much, much more.

For the food competition, four chefs went head to head: past champion David Sandusky of BEAST Craft BBQ, Samantha Mitchell of Farmtruk, David Kirkland of Turn and defending champion Nicholas Miller of 23 City Blocks Catering. Once again, Miller was the winner, holding his title in a fiercely fought competition that featured Pimped Out Pickles as the key ingredient. (Hey, it's St. Louis, y'all!)

With an open bar and terrific things to eat and drink, guests had a blast. You can check out all the fun in our photo gallery.

Photos by Glenn Reigelman