A Look Inside Cherokee Street’s Bespoke


Cherokee Street's Bespoke Couture focuses on a type of fashion that's no longer offered anywhere but the most expensive European ateliers: custom-made clothing. When customers come into the shop, they can peruse the basic shapes and patterns on offer, and Bespoke will tailor them to their fit, up to size 20. “There are people everywhere who have no ability to walk into a store and buy something that fits and looks good. Very few people are fit model size,” says co-owner Dorothy Jones.

Unlike at a regular tailor, however, customers can then take on the role of designer: adding a collar, sleeves, a neckline — whatever they’d like. “We’re not designers. We’re engineers. We make good shapes and our customers are designers,” says co-owner Mark Nevelow.

Step inside Bespoke's storefront/workshop to see what they're working on -- and then join them this Friday for a party to debut Jones' new line with Victoria Cates.

Photos by Kelly Glueck and Emily Higginbotham. See the full story here.

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