Governor Parson Slammed on Twitter After Announcing Missouri Is ‘Fully Open’


Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced on Twitter yesterday that Missouri is now "FULLY OPEN" and was promptly slammed with responses calling him a dumbass.

Sure, there were a few responses with the usual "#MAGA2020," but for the most part it seemed like Parson's replies were filled with people who are mad, terrified or some combination of both.

Coronavirus cases in Missouri have increased 6.5 percent during the past week, and as of yesterday, there have been over 882 deaths in the state from COVID-19.

Even the White House's guidelines for reopening states recommends a "downward trajectory of documented cases within a 14-day period."

Missouri does not meet that standard, and people are very unhappy about it. Click through to check out a collection of their (very unfiltered and definitely NSFW) responses.