At the First St. Louis GeekCraft Expo, the Cosplayers and the Crafts Were Homegrown


The GeekCraft Expo came to St. Louis over the weekend and brought with it many adorable handmade goods. Conventions and expos have long been a way for the proud geeks among us to find and interact with their community, but they’re also usually expensive to attend. GeekCraft Expo organizer Daniel Way wanted to fix that, creating an expo free for all to attend. If people save more on the door, Way figured, they’ll spend more on the goods offered and everybody will have more fun.

As you can see, the things that were for sale were as quirky as they were cute. When Geekcraft took over Grant Gym at Webster University, it was like Etsy came alive in real life. Costumes were worn. Gifts were purchased. And at least a few attendees found their community.

July 28, 2018

Photos by Lexie Miller