Bob Reuter’s Memorial Show: A Look Back


When legendary local musician, writer and photographer Bob Reuter died suddenly in 2013, friends and loved ones were grief-stricken. Reuter played in and documented the south city scene for decades, leaving behind a vast amount of artistic work and no shortage of fans and admirers.

And on this night these photos were taken in September of 2013 (just one month after his death), his bandmates, collaborators and friends had come together at the Casa Loma Ballroom to pay tribute to Reuter's life and work.

The list of participating musicians was long and impressive, pulling from both Reuter's deep past and current projects. Between performances of his songs, friends were on hand to read his poetry and discuss his various art projects.

The event also offered items up for auction, with proceeds to benefit the Cowboy Angel Foundation, an organization set up to continue and secure Reuter's legacy and provide funds to disadvantaged musicians.

We documented the entire event in a photo diary. As a tribute to Reuter's work in black and white photography, we did our best to present the photos in a manner as close to his signature style as possible and to capture the scenes that he would have wanted to witness.

It is our sincere hope that these photographs relay the love, energy and talent that was in the room. Reuter couldn't have been given a better tribute than what we witnessed that night.

September 8, 2013

Photos by Jaime Lees

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