Hide Out From The World in This South City Compound


The world can be a scary place and lots of people suck out there, but if you owned this south city fortress, you could shut them all out and enjoy your own space.

Judging by the utilitarian exterior, you'd probably think that the inside was cold and dark, but this property is full of surprises. The unconventional window placement seems to let in a ton of light and the rooms are bright and clean.

And though it looks like a new build, it's not. This space had a past life as a neighborhood shop.

The monochromatic decorating and the clean lines inside just adds to the spa-like feel of the space, making this rehabbed dwelling the perfect retreat from the city.

These 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and ¼ acre yard can all be yours for $539,000 through Garcia Properties.

Photos by Neil Endicott