The Big Freedia Concert at CAM was Ass-tastic


Bounce queen Big Freedia performed at the Contemporary Art Museum over the weekend and the show was instantly legendary. Not only did she get to meet notorious director John Waters down the street at the Sheldon before the show, Big Freedia and her cast of talented dancers brought the heat all night. The sold-out room bumped and swayed while an overflow audience watched it all from the catwalk above.

Big Freedia has been a Louisiana legend for two decades, but she received international acclaim a couple of years ago when Beyoncé sampled her for "Formation." Yep, that "I came to slay, bitch" is pure Freedia. Recognize.

Enjoy these bootylicious pics and apologies in advance: we had to censor a few because they were just too real.

December 14, 2018

Photos by Jaime Lees

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