The 33 Best Brunches in St. Louis


These 32 St. Louis restaurants excel at our favorite late-morning meal.

Let's face it: Much as we regularly stake our reputation on naming something the "best this" or the "best that," there is no such thing as the best brunch in St. Louis. Brunch, after all, is too important for one middle-of-the-road, one-size-fits-all selection. The best brunch when you're hungover is not the best brunch for rocking out to heavy metal. And the best brunch to take your kids to is not the best bottomless brunch (much as our mom friends wish it was). Let the non-breeders have their fun!

This year's Brunch Issue is built on the idea that there's a brunch out there for each of us. And by recommending 32 different selections tailor-made to various tastes and situations, we're determined to help you find yours. Looking for a romantic brunch? A brunch buffet for less than $10? Maybe even a brunch with $4 Fernet shots on a Monday? We've got all three ... and so much more. Come explore with us!

—Sarah Fenske